The Date With Diane Show

Breaking Ground

Diane Townsley grew up in Westerville, Ohio.  The head majorette and outgoing daughter of a Columbus firefighter, Diane fanaticized about becoming a disc jockey and often played interviewer with her brothers.

 After high school, she attended Career Academy, in Columbus, Ohio to learn her trade.  Although she graduated with high grades, she soon realized that radio stations in and around Columbus had never experienced a female DJ.

 Her first job was at WBBY-FM, “Golden Oldies” Radio, in Westerville, Ohio.   Being told that local stations did not hire female DJ’s, she persevered with an idea.  She went to a local advertiser and asked to produce the script and voice for their radio spots.  Radio promos led to her own Sunday radio spot on WBBY, called “The Date With Diane Show”.  Diane’s ratings allowed her to broadcast seven days a week, including the drive-time radio broadcast.

 Diane later taught others radio and TV broadcasting at Career Academy and played host on a Saturday children’s TV show called “Jakes Place”.  She earned national recognition as one of the first female Disc Jockeys in America, being highlighted in several magazines. 

 Her “Date With Diane Show” features songs, listener requests, interviews and background information for music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Her trademark goal is to “put a smile on your face and a lot of love in your heart”.

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